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Interact Media have a division called MTE that runs Mine roadshows and exhibitions throughout Southern Africa – “Bringing the exhibition to the heart of the operation”. Relevant parties and staff from the mining industry are pre-invited to each event held at different mines. The mine locations are usually remote and offer numerous challenges to running a successful exhibition and Interact Media have become experts at overcoming the logistical hurdles. Beyond logistics, Interact Media have to overcome additional challenges centered around incomplete visitor data supplied and in being able to supply meaningful reporting.


  1. Interact Media required a means to record which of the visitors invited actually arrive at each event.
  2. Offline functioning – the remoteness of the mines often means that the MTE events are in areas without signal. So the solution was required to accommodate on device saving of data.
  3. Adding missing information – the visitor details of invitees supplied by the various mines is often incomplete and Interact Media required a means of adding information to an existing visitor record without having to recapture already obtained details.
  4. A quick turnaround on reporting – it was important to Interact Media to be able to report back to their customers and relevant interested parties within a week of each event completing.
  5. Integration – the data captured in the field needed to be brought back into their existing systems to avoid double entry.


Service setup

With their online account on the Big Inja Platform the MTE team is now able to set up an Event Service instance in the name of each mine and exhibition that they run. They are able to upload the existing visitor data for each event via Big Inja’s  EasyMap csv file upload. This data forms the reference for the entry control results to be measured against. Next, from their online portal they are able to customise the fields to capture the missing data of each visitor. Once each event service is paid for via the online credit card facility, they download the Big Inja app (once off process per device) and their relevant event related services are automatically deployed to their smartphones and tablets.

Controlling Entry

Onsite, each visitor’s barcoded invite is scanned using any android or iOS smartphone or tablet and any missing data (in this case cell number and email address) is captured against the registration record. Any walk in’s (people who were not officially invited but should be granted access) are registered using another form on the device purpose built to capture all required visitor details. All the data is submitted in real-time where it can be viewed and assessed online. Where connectivity is intermittent, weak or non-existent, the data is saved to the devices memory where it is stored in a queue for when the device is connected again.

Event Reporting

During each event, interim reports can be drawn to monitor the progress of the registration and entry control and to provide updates to the various mine stakeholders. After the last scan is complete a full and final Event Intelligence report can be drawn that provides business insights on which informed decisions can be made. Accompanying the above mentioned Analytics report is a complete electronic data report which allows for the data to b sifted, sorted, filtered, queried and integrated.


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