We want to be a preferred business process automation supplier to a global market with roots heavily grounded in red Sub Saharan soil. We want the world to use mobile to overcome real-world business challenges. We want to show that technology is a true enabler and that the cost of doing business can be significantly reduced by refining processes and embracing system automation. We support the underdog, the little guy. We want to put the power of high level ERP in the hands of everyday businesses. We want to reduce barriers for small to medium sized operations and through analytics we want to empower these companies to make truly informed business decisions that will see them compete with much larger organisations.

Big Inja Team
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Lean principles

We are agile, web based and mobile and use the most relevant technology and deep industry understanding to guide product development. Our developed products must “Automate Mundane Tasks”, “Eliminate Human Error”, and help our clients get “Instant Results”. We must become experts in balance; every product that we release must have the correct blend of prescriptive best practice and customer side flexibility. Our products must remove all unnecessary choice but at the same time not limit necessary customisation. Our products must help clients achieve desired outcomes with as few steps as possible; simplification is paramount – every click counts. The analysis of collected data is core to what we do and we will always dig as deep as possible to ensure we reveal maximum insights for our clients. We must develop with a generic mind-set; always searching for similarities and parallels between different products so that tools developed will benefit all products. Product development must be driven by customer feedback and the way the product is consumed.

“Find, develop, and support good people and they in turn will find, develop, and own good ideas” – Ed Catmull. We will always look to work with the most talented people and rather be without than be with anything that is substandard.


Launched in August of last year, Johannesburg-based startup Big Inja uses the power of barcode-scanning technology to allow various types of businesses to automate data collection.

Jacques Coetzee

In a nutshell, Big Inja’s app barcodes your business from head to toe; stock to staff. From asset tracking, event management, stock control and attendance monitoring, the app’s uses are quite extensive, and growing by the day.

Regardt van der Berg

Big Inja, believes it has found a gap in the market, making use of barcodes to add a layer of “intelligence” to mundane tasks such as asset tracking, event management and customer relationship management.

Cadine Pillay

The system works by pairing the smartphone app with the company’s servers, which crunch the data before displaying it visually according to customers’ requirements.