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ArtVault provide a web-based software application that has been specifically designed to accommodate valuable art collections. The intuitive application provides users with the ability to search, display and categorise their collection. To complement the software, ArtVault offer a full digitisation service including print quality photography, scanning and documenting. In addition to documenting and creating the inventory list they conduct regular audits and physical verification’s of the artwork with respect to their condition and locations. Traditionally these physical verification projects were done manually with the associated challenges of data capture, duel entry and human error.


  1. ArtVault required a solution to better facilitate the verification of physical assets via the use of barcode scanning. Expensive barcode scanning equipment was to be avoided if possible with a preference for more cost effective and easy to use Smartphone/tablet scanning facilities.
  2. Timeous and accurate results were required in order to create a real-time audit trail and provide the end client with immediate results
  3. An automated Audit report was required that included summaries of found, missing, and moved artwork.
  4. Lastly, electronic data was required so that the asset verification results could be integrated back into their web-based software.


Service Setup

With their online account on the Big Inja Platform Artvault was able to set up an Asset Audit Service instance in the name of their client and upload the existing Asset Register data via our EasyMap csv file upload. This data formed the reference for audit results to be measured against. Next, from their online portal they were able to customise the fields required for the audit and tweak the already pre-set best practice form fields to suit their exact requirements. Once their service was paid for via the online credit card facility, they downloaded the Big Inja app and their audit service was automatically deployed to their smartphones and tablets.


The Audit

Onsite, the barcodes on each found asset (piece of artwork) was scanned and the location where it was located entered. The scan results were monitored live back at the office and from their online account they were able to assess progress and adjust the audit plan on the fly. The Big Inja reporting engine automatically determined which assets were found, which had locations that changed (moved) and which from the original asset register data were not scanned (missing). All Big Inja services run for a month minimum with no lock ins or contracts and so Artvault was able to conduct the audit over multiple days without concern that they would run out of time.

Post Audit

Artvault was able to provide their client with an audit report during and directly after the physical verification process. This created the necessary audit trail, facilitated communication between Artvault and the client and provided the client with project progress updates. The final report was collated immediately after the completion of the project and the final product of a concise and accurate report was made immediately available. The data was also available straight away and Artvault was able to bring the audit results back into their system, automatically updating the location and condition of the art pieces.


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