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SARCDA attracts Wholesalers, Importers and Manufacturers, both local and international and provides a professional platform to help grow their businesses. The Exhibitors are world-class and constantly raise the bar in bringing products of both international flavour and local flair providing retail buyers with the latest trendiest products. Many of our Exhibitors have been exhibiting at SARCDA since it’s inception 45 years ago.

SARCDA banner Big Inja

Big Inja has been supplying barcoding and Automated Order Processing services to Exhibitors at the show for 10 years and has witnessed first hand the prolific business interactions that occur at this highly productive event. Business into the hundreds of millions get’s processed – it is an incredible thing to see and a great validator of a robust South African economy. If you are a retail buyer and have not attended this show we suggest that you do!

The next edition of this amazing trade fair is in August. Hopefully see you there!

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