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Although we have a strange attraction and admiration for alliteration we cannot unfortunately claim the title of this post to be our own. We got it from a really good article written by J O’Dell on the Venture Beat website. Many of our services are event related and so the original article grabbed our attention. If you are involved in the Events industry in anyway it is an article worth reading.

The article essentially explains exhibitions and trade events from a “Booth Babe’s” perspective and concludes that putting attractive models on your exhibition stand or in your trade show booth is actually bad for business. Beyond the objectification of woman being frowned upon these days (we are no longer in the 50’s),  I think that this is partially as a result of inefficiencies in the current marketplace highlighted by a slower economic climate after the 2008 financial crisis. With another crisis looming we need to be streamlining business even further and getting back to providing real value. I truly believe that if we focus on reducing expenses as much as we focus on driving sales we can find more profitability with less effort. System improvements that up efficiency always have a positive spin off for your clients too; no end user ever complains about a quicker turnaround time!

A digitally informed and increasingly educated public can see through the fluff and are able to discern what adds value and what doesn’t. “At the end of the day I am actually paying for the pretty girl on your stand”.  I would rather work with a company that focuses on its core offering and passes on the savings from reduced overheads and a more efficiently run business.

This article also highlights that perhaps it is time to rethink the tired and frankly “old school” methods of exhibiting at Trade Events. Embrace new technologies and focus on business to business value propositions – take out the  fluff.

Big Inja Booth Babes 2


We also have to credit Venture Beat for the feature image used.

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