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I have been known to enjoy a glass of the delicious dark fluid that is Ireland’s national drink from time to time but I would be even more inclined to partake if a lovely frosted QR code was magically revealed when my glass was filled with a pint of the black stuff . Well this is exactly what has been happening  around Dublin recently-  read the full article here.

There are two points (not pints…although there is a pint) below that I would like to convey in this post, beyond the excitement brought on by the marriage of two of my favorite things:

  • A major advancement that QR codes have encouraged more recently, is the development of cell phone technology to allow smartphone cameras to scan barcodes. Now the major advantage of this over traditional laser barcode scanning devices is that a barcode or a QR code (which is just a 2D barcode) can be scanned on a screen. So for example you could take your phone out right now and “scan”, with its camera, the code on the glass below…like right now…go on do it! This obviously opens up many more scanning opportunities and blows wide open the possibilities of integrating cross platform marketing and business management efforts.


Guinness QR

Guinness QR


  • Secondly; it is vital that if you are using QR codes for URL linking that you make 100% certain that the landing page is mobile friendly and maybe even more importantly that the URL is CORRECT! We have heard stories of potential clients being accidentally redirected to websites of a  questionable nature (in case this is unclear I am talking about dubious “adult” sites). You will notice that if you adhered to my instruction above to scan the Guinness glass that you were taken to a parked domain – not ideal!
It’s all fine and well to implement a cool QR code campaign but just make sure you get the basics right first – THE BASICS PEOPLE! For some reason I am now very thirsty – I am off to the pub…
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