3 Steps to Barcoding Bliss

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After you have signed up for an account with us and set up your first service you will need to…

Ensure the App is installed on your device:

Please note that if the Big Inja application is still on your device then you do NOT need to re-install it – the new service forms will simply drop automatically onto your device within the app. Look out for this logo on your device:

Big Inja Logo

If this logo does not appear on your device then you will need to follow the instructions below and install the Forms application on your device (once off process):


Step 01

Click the relevant button:Android iPad-iPhone

and download the App to your device…


Step 02

Once the app is on your device click the app and open it

Big Inja Logo

When the App opens click the “Join Organisation” button

And then enter the following when prompted:

Your name (or Operator name): The pin that we emailed you
Subdomain (or Organization key): BIG858

Wait 5 minutes

It will take a moment to verify your device. You can press the “update” button to check the status and whether your device is ready to start scanning. We will also send you an email the moment your device is ready so please be patient. You will need to wait at the very most 5 minutes for your service to drop onto your device. At this point you will be able to start scanning barcodes:

Step 03

After scanning you can log into your account where you will see your scans magically appear!

Please note that when you add future services you will not need to re-install this app. This is a once off process.