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Xero Integration End user Documentation


Sign up to be a Xero Big Inja user.


Install our app onto your smart phone or tablet.


Scan barcode with your phone camera and enter the item qty counted.


Instantly monitor your stock adjustments in Xero.


Our integration simply makes a stock adjustment in your Xero “Tracked inventory” for a matching product/item code scanned with our barcode scanner app. We do not synchronise any of your Xero data back to the Big Inja platform and the only touch point in your Xero account is within your tracked inventory. You must ensure that you have “tracked inventory” checked for selected items and that those items have a stock on hand of at least 1.


SIGN UP for an integrated account. Provide your “quick details” which will create a secure account for you on our system.

Press the “Link Xero” button

Press the “Allow access” button when the Xero authentication pop-up appears.

Map your “Sales” and “Tracked Inventory” accounts in Xero.
You may have more than one of each of these types of accounts and we need you to specify which ones we should link to.

You will get confirmation that the accounts have been successfully linked


Download the Big Inja Scanning app from your relevant app store. We support iOS and Android

Enter the provided pin when prompted (we will email you a pin on sign up).
Give the app a minute or two to communicate with our server and once connected you should see your service appear within the app as illustrated below.


Select the service and follow the on screen prompts within the app. When you press the “scan” prompt the app will open your camera on your device – be sure to allow access to your camera on first use for the app. Hold the phone steady until the barcode is captured and you are returned to the form where you will be asked to enter a counted quantity (adjustment value). After you have entered the Qty hit submit. Your adjustment will then automatically be made in Xero as illustrated below:


  • How do I disconnect from Xero? By navigating to your account section on the Big Inja online platform you will see an integration area where you will be able to disconnect or connect your Xero account from Big Inja.

  • What doesn’t your integration do? Although the Big Inja platform has many modules relating to stock/inventory control we have only integrated our Stock-take module with Xero tracked inventory. You can still use our other modules like Receiving, Dispatch, Order processing etc independent of Xero and simply use our stock take module to update Xero to correlate totals on hand.

  • What if I scan an item that does not exist in Xero tracked inventory? You will receive an error message via email detailing the stock item that was not matched. All scans are saved to our servers and you will be able to see a full history of items scanned irrespective of whether they also have an instance in Xero.

  • How long will it take for the scanned item’s quantity-on-hand value to update after submitting a scan from the app? You should notice the Stock on hand value update to the quantity submitted from our app in real-time.

  • When and how does data sync occur? The sync is in real-time and any stock counts should result in the related adjustment in Xero taking place the next time you refresh your browser when accessing your Xero account.

  • Do you provide any additional reporting or data analysis? Yes we do – you can access all the raw data scanned in Excel format, including time stamps and information pertaining the device used from your online account with Big Inja. We also provide downloadable PDF analytics reports.

Email support@biginja.com if you require any further assistance.