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Most companies know what they do. Some know how they do it. Very few know why they do it.

Knowing why we do what we do is very important to the entire pack here at Big Inja and we have worked very hard to create a culture that supports unique innovation,  out the dog box problem solving and that breeds an environment where our data dogs can have stupid amounts of fun.

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We believe in the art of simplicity; achieving the same outcome in less steps. We strive to automate mundane tasks;  it absolutely pains us to see people doing repetitive jobs that can be systematised. Dog years are short and it really get’s our tails wagging if we can free people up to do more important things with their precious time. We are complete geeks here in the Big Inja pound and believe that technology is a true enabler; we are always sniffing out the latest tools and hunting for more efficient ways to do things. We want to kill turnaround times and show that instant results are possible; we are motivated to provide a platform that people can rely on to make rapid informed decisions.

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Understanding data is like fetching a ball – we can do it all day. We strive to always dig out as much information as possible – lick that bone clean if you will.  We spend a disproportionate amount of time making our reports and products look beautiful and developing our systems to be full of fun, valuable content and quirky interactions because we want the world to smile while achieving their business goals!

Big Inja Mobile Barcoding - Automate Mundane Tasks

Automate Mundane Tasks  

Big Inja Mobile Barcoding - Eliminate Human Error

Eliminate Human Error

Big Inja Mobile Barcoding - Instant Results

Instant Results

Big Inja Mobile Barcoding - Analyse Understand Improve

Analyse Understand Improve


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