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Recently we did a photo shoot in Braamfontein to catalog some of our T-shirt branding. The full photo shoot and story is on our Facebook page but we felt we to explain our recent efforts in creating and promoting Big Inja merchandise.

We have somehow managed over the last 10 years or so, through our desire to do something different and conduct business uniquely, to create a brand that resonates with more than just our direct customers. Our Data Dogs get stopped constantly when wearing their Big Inja kit in public and asked where they got those “awesome Tees”.  So we listened and we created a T-shirt store to accommodate. It goes deeper though than just supplying fun loving dog screen printed cotton. In South Africa where we have 11 official languages and a melting pot of cultural nuances  explode daily in colourful fusion at parties, in the streets, in our malls and in business too. The combination of a Zulu and English company name seems to have hit home.

When we first set out to BARCODE EVERYTHING we were a little nervous that the company name and our intentions with it would not be understood but the Big Dog has only been good to us and looking back we are so so glad that we stuck to our guns and included the Zulu word for dog. We sometimes have to repeat the name of the company to prospective clients but once they get it…it sticks. It has created so many opportunities for us over the years to connect with people on different levels. Our brand is rarely forgotten and embodies our desire to not only provide business automation and tracking products but a complete customer experience.

Our merchandise is a way for us to spread the Big Inja love and let everyone be part of the pack! Inline with our business principles of quality and uniqueness we have sourced great fitting and high quality clothing and packaged it all up in a very distinctive way – we hope you likes!

Big Inja T shirt packaging

See you out there wearing a Big Inja top soon?



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