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Global beer brand, Budweiser, has unveiled its new mobile “Track Your Bud” marketing campaign, that uses QR barcodes integrated into the product packaging to allow consumers to track their specific beer’s history back to one of the twelve American Budweiser breweries.

By scanning the two dimensional barcode using a smartphone, the consumer will be provided with a guided tour of the individual beer that they hold in their hand, which is given by the brew master who was responsible for its creation. Where does the real world end and the virtual one begin?  That little gray area between the two gets larger by the day…and we love it!

The content provided for the “Track Your Bud” campaign provides customers additional information about the source of their beverage as well as about the way that its ingredients were selected. It then goes over the seven-step brewing process at Budweiser, identifying when the beech wood aging process began for the beer, and which brew master gave the products its various tastings throughout the full brewing cycle to make certain that the product would meet the quality standard held by Budweiser.

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