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The mobile revolution is upon us. In the last 5 years the mobile platform (smartphone and tablet technology) has come further, quicker than anyone could have ever imagined. There are a plethora of applications out there, so many in fact that like a food menu with too much choice, it has become a daunting task to process and decide what to consume. We don’t want you to get crippled by said choice and starve in the process.

The app landscape is clouded with non business, time wasting developments that distract users. We want the world to use mobile to automate real business processes and eliminate  human error. We want to see a world where people are using their already purchased smartphones to work for them…really work for them and their businesses! We want to see tablets submitting data and recording business interactions.

We want to see these devices replacing more expensive technologies bringing down the cost of doing business while at the same time reducing risk (we do love alliteration).

Check out this article we wrote that details some of the business apps that we use in the Big Inja Pound to make our lives easier and to free up time from administration to do more important things…like chase cars.


Here is also a great article we stumbled across on @VentureBeat that supports our views and promotes that we should all:

  1. Add tools beyond smart phones
  2. Mobilize more work applications
  3. Mobilize more people
  4. Mobilize things
  5. Use mobility as a recruiting tool

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