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I just went to collect my world cup tickets which I previously reserved and paid for at an FNB. Not that I didn’t expect it after seeing the barcode on my proof of purchase card, but the magic that unfolded at the ticketing centre when I ran the barcode under the scanner was nothing shy of incredible! Within the split of a split millisecond, out popped 6 perfectly crisp 2010 FIFA World Cup tickets – no queues, no convoluted systems and especially no power hungry public servant types obstructing me from exiting with my tickets and a fat smile on my face.

The tickets have barcodes all over them – I cant wait to see what will transpire when they are scanned at the stadium! My 5 compadres and I will probably be allowed seameless access to the event, secure in the knowledge that our tickets can’t be duplicated or forged – this is what I am thinking will probably happen – awesomeness!

Barcoded 2010_ticket

Barcoded 2010 ticket

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