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A new study by Juniper Research has forecast that nearly 15 billion tickets will be delivered to subscribers’ mobile devices worldwide by 2014, compared to just over two billion this year – I’m not the smartest guy in the world but that seems like considerable growth to me – an indication of a massive trend developing perhaps??

Mobile barcodes are “cellphone friendly”, unique identifiers that can be read by the majority of mobile devices. They allow for the cumbersome, aging, environmentally unfriendly, paper ticketing method to be bypassed and for an electronic barcode to be issued by the rail, bus and air transport companies instead of a physical ticket.

Howard Wilcox, the author of an article on the Juniper Research website says that “The potential of mobile ticketing does not stop there. Major cinema chains, concert organisers and sports teams are latching on to the commercial viability, which is driven by both cost savings and the up-sell revenue potential – not to mention convenience for the user. There are also new entrants from a variety of angles such as apps start-ups and mobile commerce providers seeking to grasp the opportunities they can see.”

Opportunities..isn’t that the stuff everyone is saying they don’t have? Each time a barcode is made, scanning opportunities are created – just like that! Make barcodes – create opportunity – miraculous!


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