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Data really gets our tails wagging. It all comes down to data; the more data we can bite down into the better – we don’t really care how we get the data, for us its more about what we do with it that counts. Our preferred method of collection is through Smartphone barcode scanning but our real strength lies in ripping apart data to supply our clients with valuable information…

Big Inja - data

So what does this have to do with MIT and the bicycle wheel that they have developed? Check out this article by Rebecca Grant from Venturebeat about the Copenhagen Wheel – really cool stuff. It all comes back to data – “The wheel has a discrete “hub” filled with a small motor, 3-speed internal hub gear, batteries, a torque sensor, GRPS, and a sensor kit that collects data about air and noise pollution, congestion and road conditions, humidity, and temperature.”

The more you can measure the more you can analyse and the more questions you can answer. The more questions you can answer the more you can empower your clients (knowledge being power and all that). The sensors in this really cool wheel allow riders to “view real-time information about the external conditions” on their smartphones – the geeky data dog in me just wet his pants.

Measure everything we say! EVERYTHING! Even if you don’t have an immediate plan of action the data will reveal opportunities to you down the line. In your businesses it is imperative that you collect as much data as possible as often as possible because you cant go back in time to capture data (the one shortfall of the time space continuum).


Check out the Copenhagen Wheel Teaser Video:

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