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Being new to the Big Inja pack this is my first post on the blog. While I’ve already had a number of unique experiences working for Big Inja, I think the biggest was working at the Christmas SARCDA show in terms of time spent, and exposure to a large number of companies with various problems.

My biggest surprise was the number of companies that are operating with minimum assistance from technology. The companies that were operating mainly with paper and pen seemed to do so for two main reasons, one was cost of the services that they found would help them, and the second was techno-phobia.

Ryan often mentions that the constant improvements in technology should be constantly bringing down the costs of doing business and automating the repetitive tasks, yet it seems to be the opposite. It feels like every other month the next latest and greatest thing comes out and we are expected to fork out bucket loads to keep up with the times.

This might contribute to the second point… It sometimes feels as though embracing technology will ultimately pull you into a need to keep up with the times, and update (or replace) your tech on a monthly basis.

Embracing technology should be inspiring, and upgrading your technology should be beneficial to you. Whether it helps you save time in your day to day processes, communicate better with others bringing you closer to loved ones and helping you manage business tasks better, or uplift your well-being.

I personally jump at the opportunity to get the latest, greatest, most expensive thing whenever it comes out… But perhaps a better way to handle this is to view the product from an objective point of view. Ask yourself “Is it really greater?”, “Can it improve my life and will it help me?” and most important “Do I need it?”

Avoiding the spiral of getting the latest and greatest can give you time to settle into what you have, and how to use it more efficiently to achieve or tackle your current challenges. Digitizing your paper processes does not mean you need to go purchase expensive hardware and access a bloated systems that will potentially bring your business under, why not do that on your phone?

Just some food for thought.

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