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In essence we are an information services company that uses barcode scanning technology to develop data solutions. These solutions fill various voids in industry, which presently hinder the effective use of resources. Archaic capturing methods expose businesses to risk. It is time for the digital data dog to guide the pack in the mobile barcode scanning field with a professional business approach and a quirky attitude! Big Inja endeavours to provide safe, secure and accurate information while helping clients automate mundane tasks and eliminate human error. We use best practice barcode scanning methodology learnt from almost a decade of industry experience to keep our clients dog years ahead of the competition.

We want the world to use mobile to overcome real-world business challenges.

The app landscape is clouded with non-business, time wasting developments that distract users. We want to see a world where people are using their already purchased smartphones to work for them, really work for them and their businesses! We want to see tablets submitting data and recording business interactions. We want to see these devices replacing more expensive technologies bringing down the cost of doing business while at the same time reducing risk.

Most companies know what they do. Some know how they do it. Very few know why they do it.

Knowing why we do what we do is very important to the entire pack here at Big Inja and we have worked very hard to create a culture that supports unique innovation,  out the dog box problem solving and that breeds an environment where our data dogs can have stupid amounts of fun.

We believe in the art of simplicity;

achieving the same outcome in less steps. We strive to automate mundane tasks;  it absolutely pains us to see people doing repetitive jobs that can be systematised. Dog years are short and it really get’s our tails wagging if we can free people up to do more important things with their precious time. We are complete geeks here in the Big Inja pound and believe that technology is a true enabler; we are always sniffing out the latest tools and hunting for more efficient ways to do things. We want to kill turnaround times and show that instant results are possible; we are motivated to provide a platform that people can rely on to make rapid informed decisions.

Understanding data is like fetching a ball – we can do it all day. We strive to always dig out as much information as possible – lick that bone clean if you will.  We spend a disproportionate amount of time making our reports and products look beautiful and developing our systems to be full of fun, valuable content and quirky interactions because we want the world to smile while achieving their business goals!

We are big believers in focusing on your core competencies and outsourcing everything else.

Do what you do best and let vetted suppliers do the rest; let them do what they do best. Everyone doing their best…doesn’t that sound like all kinds of productive?

In order to do this you need to know what it is you do best and you need to spend the time discovering and partnering with the ultimate suppliers. Find out what is your core offering and strip out the rest. By de-cluttering, as we like to call it, you not only free up time but also mind space. Creativity loves this space – just saying!

We believe that Africa has it’s own Zuckerberg’s:

As Africans we are generally too humble for our own good and we too often assume that our ideas and innovations are substandard. We assume that someone in Europe, or The States, or Japan have already come up with the concept or somewhere like China has a better capacity to develop the solution or product. We assume that if a service is supplied by a “first world” country that it must be superior.

Africa presents unique challenges and the obstacles to innovation and development are often more pronounced than elsewhere in the world. Rather than this being a negative the truth is that this environment pushes the boundaries of innovation and breeds true problem solvers. Africans have a higher number of hurdles per problem to overcome and as such have developed an ability to persevere and to not let their end vision get derailed by what others might consider deal breakers. African’s always find a way.

If we allow ourselves, just for a moment, to believe more in our abilities, and to change our assumptions about our innovations in relation to the rest of the world, we will very quickly see that Africa holds within its warm soul so many of its own Zuckerberg’s!

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