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Indoor navigation is a big frontier for mobile technology because global positioning system (GPS) satellite signals don’t reach inside buildings. It is particularly useful for travelers navigating airports and subways as they try to catch a flight or train ride.

A company called Movea is making big strides forward in this area and has registered over 500 patents, signalling their intent and seriousness (it is actually a real word) to get a foothold on what might be a game changing technology. Why game changing? Let’s run through some potential applications to illustrate the power of what might be…but before we do check out how Movea intends on actually overcoming the proverbial barriers that are faced when trying to develop the solution to the problem of indoor navigation:

“Movea’s indoor navigation systems uses signals from an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, and matching against known maps. The first thing Movea’s mobile app does is ask you for your height. From that, it can estimate your step length. When you move, the accelerometer in your phone registers the step, and the app then figures out that you’ve moved. The magnetometer, used for a compass, determines which way you are facing.” – @VenureBeat

Potential Applications

  • Analyze your activity and schedule to indicate you the best route to your appointment
  • Automatically turn ringtone off when entering the cinema
  • Guide you to your favorite store, even inside a mall
  • Of particular relevance to us in the Big Inja Data pound would be the ability to track attendees at an event and more importantly offer the delegates and visitors a richer and more interactive experience. Imagine being able to navigate a massive trade show on your device? And get certain location specific notifications inside the halls.

“You have just entered Hall 3 and on your left you will see an exhibition with super hot promo girls”

Check out this video demonstrating how the indoor navigation works – awesome stuff!


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