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Pirelli brings around 1800 tyres to each grand prix, but the destiny of these tyres is mapped out long before they arrive at the circuit. The tyres for each race are made in a specific production run before the grand prix.



During the production process, each tyre is allocated a barcode provided by the FIA (the sport’s governing body). This barcode is the tyre’s ‘passport’, which is embedded firmly into the structure during the vulcanisation process and cannot be swapped. The code contains all the details of each tyre, making it traceable throughout the race weekend with Pirelli’s RTS (Racing Tyre System) software, which can read and update all the data.

I just love that F1 – the worlds premier and most watched sporting code cannot function without  a few good old barcodes! Track and trace – Track and trace people!

check out the full story here: http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/pirelli-speicial-feature-cracking-the-barcode/


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