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Of course your phones features count but from a usability perspective, nothing is as important as the operating system (OS) the phone runs on. Here are some inputs and research put together by our data dogs regarding smartphone platforms:

The main players in the market currently are:










In order to determine which is best for you and your business needs we reckon you should firstly have a look at the market share, and the popularity of the OS should guide you as to what the market believes is the best. Our personal bias is towards Google (Android) but let the colorful chart (produced by an independent source) objectively guide you on the matter.



In addition to market share, the other differentiating factors you should utilise to help you make your choice should be which business applications you can obtain on the various platforms and the way that the OS assists you in integrating your business functions. We  believe that Google does this in the smartest and simplest way and they work best for our needs. Ultimately though, it comes down to your personal preference and requirements…but go for Android!

mmmmm the Google Cool-aid is delicious!

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