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I have a degree in Industrial Engineering and have never practiced. As part of our undergrad we used to do practical work based projects to gain experience and the manufacturing floor did nothing to inspire me. In addition, our coursework was heavily math based and offered little to no creative outlets. I am no Picasso and have to admit that the sciences are certainly more aligned to my aptitude but I have the most artistic mother and always felt that her imaginative genes had in someway worked their way into my logical brain. I have spent many unsettled years striving to find a career to satisfy my rational and analytical abilities while allowing me to unleash my inventive thinking.

After all the searching I have ended up going full circle and have found my perfect career…in Process (Industrial) Engineering! 3 years ago we set out to develop an online platform designed to service the needs of SMME businesses looking to automate their mundane tasks and eliminate human error. We built it, and so much more…

It’s kinda like Lego; 2 x 8 stud Lego bricks can be combined in 24 different ways and 3 blocks in 1060 different ways. Want to know how many 6 block combinations there are? It’s ridiculous – 915 103 765! The modular nature of Big Inja products allows for consultants to build fully scalable business process solutions for their clients with almost endless component variations. Ok so we are not at 6 block Lego level yet but the point I am trying to get across is that modular design allows for the unleashing of creative problem solving. With each new module added the options expand. With every incremental addition of a module, the combination possibilities increase exponentially. The level of creativity required to explore the available possibilities also increases exponentially allowing for endless exploration into imaginative thought. Combining standard rigid “blocks” in unique combinations allows for custom solutions to be built. They are generic solutions in that their building blocks are the same (solid, consistent and reliable) but the overall solutions can only be generic if the solution builders think exactly the same. “Same” becomes increasingly less likely with each module added.

The following creations illustrate a little of what I am on about. No instructions – just mind blowing creative results built off a solid modular infrastructure!

Lego creation 2

Lego Creation 4



Check out our Enterprise “Building Bricks”

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