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I recently came across this post on about a girl called Molly Crabapple (what a rad name) and her idea of ultra non-conformism. In a time when old institutions are collapsing she says that “you should not change who you are to be professionally viable”. Corporate and economic stability are things echoed from the past, now very faintly. Ever increasing competition for  work amongst highly talented people and companies requires innovation to create the necessary separation. This innovation needs not only be in the realms of product development and service delivery but personality (corporate culture) and  brand uniqueness should also be innovated and encouraged. This is something we embrace at Big Inja. We believe that our clients should have an amazing experience while they BARCODE EVERYTHING and interact with our products. They should be smiling while they automate mundane tasks and eliminate human error.  We want people to associate with our unique brand as much as they do with the idea of what our products can do for them. We want people to fall in love with our story as much as the fact that we can turn their smartphones into barcode scanners.

We love that we solve serious business challenges…and that our logo is a big slobbering dog!


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