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Through keeping constant tabs on all things barcoded we sometimes come across stories that at first glance appear to be about barcoding but upon further investigation prove not to be. What this does is highlight the brilliance of the barcode and illustrate how it has become synonymous with uniqueness, often used in an unrelated fashion!  Rather than ignore theses stories, because they are not directly related to barcoding applications, we will write about them under a new category called “Barcoding but not” in appreciation for the wondrous way in which barcodes have become so iconic!

Check out this first story by By Gregory Adams on Exclaim – classic how hardcore rappers even want some barcode action:

Following up some 2012 work with Grimes, L.A.-based producer Blood Diamonds (aka Michael Diamond) has announced a new collaborative track, this time with New York rapper Dominic Lord. The pair’s new tune is called “Barcode,” and you can stream the song now.

The track slaps together a deep and percussive clap with poppy grand-piano runs and some rippling synth oscillations. Despite the uplifting backdrop, which also includes some smooth female R&B backups, Lord gets a little dark on us when he hints in a chopped-and-screwed timbre that we should hide our families from him (“AK 47, and I’m comin’ where you live”).

“Barcode” will be for sale February 26 through OWSLA, along with some remixes.

Interestingly, the QR code on the song cover, when scanned, takes you directly to Soundcloud where you can hear the track on your phone…so not that “Barcodes but not”. A real Barcode application right there!

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