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We are all about business mobility and system automation. All this in the interest of efficiency and ultimately maximum use of precious time. With this in mind we have listed, for you, the apps used by our very own data dogs that help them take care of administrative functions in the quickest possible time. After all  we don’t want them barking up the wrong tree; we would rather have them marking their territory all over creative value add tasks and functions!



With Cam Scanner you just need to take pictures of any documents (e.g. receipts, contracts, notes, whiteboard discussions, ads, magazines etc.), and CamScanner does the rest.

One of the things we use Cam Scanner for is to digify (yes it’s a real word) all of our expense slips and instantly upload them to Dropbox where they are automatically saved in our accounting folder; date and time stamped… and digified (real word) for the bean counters to find. No more boxes full of paper slips.



TeamViewer can be used to control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds from any mobile device. It essentially turns your smartphone or tablet into a remote control. In the Big Inja pound we use TeamViewer to supply our data dogs with remote access to their networked machines in the office. This way they can work from anywhere. They avoid traffic, work in varied and creative environments and can be productive and happy…always!


Google Reader

Imagine you’ve got ten websites that you visit regularly. Now, you could check all these websites every day, but some won’t updated, and on others, you might miss some of the updates.

What Google Reader does is allow you to subscribe to these websites and have any new content delivered directly to you! It’s like having your own personal mail man. So instead of wasting time visiting your websites and checking them individually, you check just one source! Google reader tells you which of the websites have updated, and what they updated with.

Google Reader frees our data dogs up to do more productive things with their time – like chase actual mail men!



Dropbox is an online storage facility to which you can back up files from your desktop and mobile computers. It also shares files so you can also use it to distribute or collect data from others.

We secure our business filing structure on a centralised Dropbox account. Our data dogs can always access what they need, when they need it. All of our files are contanstly backed up (live) and shared across all computers and devices. We have even used it to restore previous versions backed up files which saved us dog years of time!

We also use Dropbox to distribute data and information to our clients and even deliver some of our services. Happy days!

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