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To reward you for being a loyal Big Inja follower…

and because you have consumed every last bit of this newsletter right down to the final word (look at you licking the proverbial dog bowl clean), if you hit the following link you will be able to sign up for an account with us before our official launch! Get your barcoding advantage and do it before the rest of the pack get their grubby paws all over it.

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Our currently available applications include a General Scanner (which will allow you to use your Smartphone or Tablet on an ongoing basis to submit barcode scans automatically to the cloud), Stocktake application (which will allow you to count barcoded stock without all the usual manual capturing errors) and our Asset Register service (which will allow you to  maintain an electronic register of all your fixed assets on our servers and be able to audit Asset locations and conditions with your smartphone or tablet)!


How it works




General Barcode Scanner


Stock Take Application


Fixed Asset Tracking

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