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According to a report by David Jackson, Kettering General Hospital in the UK has started using a “barcoded wristband and heel prick testing label” system to make baby information (not as in ‘small information’ but as in information pertaining to infant humans) available to midwives in an instant.

“It is hoped the new system will improve safety by ensuring hospital staff have more information about the baby, including its name, NHS number, date of birth, sex and mother’s name, in a matter of seconds by reading or scanning the bar code on the wristband.”

Dave goes on to say that “previously, a baby’s basic personal information would have been handwritten on the infant’s wristband, which takes more time and could be less reliable if the handwriting is difficult to read.”

At Kettering and in other hospitals where barcoding has been introduced, the time taken to enter a baby’s information into the system has been reduced by up to 400%. FOUR HUNDRED PER CENT – you do the math!


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