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As Africans we are generally too humble for our own good and we too often assume that our ideas and innovations are substandard. We assume that someone in Europe, or The States, or Japan have already come up with the concept or somewhere like China has a better capacity to develop the solution or product. We assume that if a service is supplied by a “first world” country that it must be superior. Africa presents unique challenges and the obstacles to innovation and development are often more pronounced than elsewhere in the world.

Rather than this being a negative the truth is that this environment pushes the boundaries of innovation and breeds true problem solvers. Africans have a higher number of hurdles per problem to overcome and as such have developed an ability to persevere and to not let their end vision get derailed by what others might consider deal breakers. African’s always find a way.

If we allow ourselves, just for a moment, to believe more in our abilities, and to change our assumptions about our thoughts and innovations in relation to the rest of the world, we will very quickly see that Africa holds within its warm soul so many of its own Zuckerberg’s!

Check out the following very inspirational Vusi Thembekwayo videos that got us all fired up to write this post:

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