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Recently my wife and I visited the Mandela Capture Site in the Midlands and I was blown away with ingenuity of the design. It is simply mind blasting and worthy of every accolade it has received – definitely worth a visit (particularly when you can stop in at the Notties pub afterwards for a refreshing craft beer).

Nelson Mandela Capture Site Sculpture

The sculpture, a collaboration between artist Marco Cianfanelli and Jeremy Rose, significantly comprises 50 steel column constructions – each between 6.5 and 9.5 metres tall – set into the Midlands landscape. The approach to the site, which has been designed by Mashabane Rose Associates, leads one down a path towards the sculpture where, at a distance of 35 meters, a portrait of Nelson Mandela, looking west, comes into focus. The 50 linear vertical units, line up to create the illusion of a flat image

Nelson Mandela sculpture transform Big Inja

Beyond supporting Mandela Day with a Mandela related post we have identified some realy cool parallel’s between the Capture Site Sculpture and the Big Inja Online Platform. The vertical lines below hold within their seemingly meaningless side view, a hidden and amazing image of Nelson Mandela himself. The value of the lines reveal themselves under the right conditions and at the correct time and place. Data revealed as information is much the same. Data unprocessed is like the non discriminate lines. The data needs to be analysed before it can be revealed as useful information and business intelligence supplied to the correct people at the right time.

Nelson Mandela Capture Site - Web logo

Big Inja’s aim is to become a single source capture site for all Small Business related functions. Our modules span various asset tracking, stock control, event management and CRM applications.

There is also a striking resemblance to barcode lines in the side image of the sculpture. Barcodes are central to the Big Inja platform. Barcodes assist in the automated capture of data and create tracking opportunities and instant links to more valuable related information and analytics. The advent of camera scanning (the ability of your smartphone to decipher barcodes) has allowed for us to turn your smartphone or tablet into a field data collector that efficiently assists the operator in capturing data once and submitting the data to our online platform in realtime. Once received the data is processed and relevant business information is automatically supplied to stakeholders and role-players in your business processes.

Nelson Mandela Capture Site image side

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