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No Additional Hardware Required

Use your existing smart phone or tablet to do amazing things you would only have previously been able to do with fancy and expensive barcode scanners. Save stupid amounts of money.

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Scan All Types of Barcodes

With Big Inja’s Online application  you can scan a multitude of barcode types; 1D, 2D, QR. Because our scanner uses your phones camera you can scan barcodes at a distance and even off a computer screen. Bloody Brilliant.


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Scan Untethered

Having the Big Inja scanning app on your mobile means that you will be…mobile…and able to capture data in the field whenever you require. Who doesn’t have their phone on them always?

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Scalable Solutions

Link as many smart phones or tablets to your Big Inja Account as you require. Get your minions out there collecting data for you; you can have multiple devices, in multiple locations collecting scan data across multiple services.

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Safe, Secure and online

All of your scans, from all of your registered smart phones, are automatically uploaded to your centralised online account in the Big Inja Data Pound. Your data is live and always accessible irrespective of where it was captured. Managers can control devices and staff from wherever they are connected to the internet. Deploy services and retrieve your reports from the beach if that works for you.

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Real Business Solutions

You don’t need to worry about barcode symbologies and UPC standards. Code 128 , 3of 9, EAN, readability, durability, scan rates yada yada yada. We apply barcoding best practice to all of our solutions so you just need to worry about scanning. Wherever barcoding has been applied in the traditional sense, Big Inja offers you the ability to do the same but in a smarter, more efficient and cost effective way.

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Serious Analytics

At the Big Inja kennel we are a bunch of data dog geeks and you can be assured that your data is being ripped apart and analysed in every which way that it can. We bite hard tearing out all the valuable information and trends that can be used in your specific work environment to make informed business decisions. We help you convert your data to information, your information to knowledge, your knowledge to power!

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